Tuesday, November 26, 2002

New Online Grade System

DH (Dear Husband) was able to get his grades in on time, although many were not able to. For that reason, CMSD postponed distribution of the grades for a week.
The system is crowded, with too many teachers trying to access it at the same time. Many teachers complained about being "bumped" off the computer before they could save their changes. Accessing from home is not a good idea without a high-bandwidth modem.
Altogether, many teachers wasted several hours in the process of data entry.
Additionally, many teachers found the categories to be not as helpful as the old system. It appears that CMSD has become tired of students barely qualifying for a passing grade, yet not being able to pass the proficiency tests. So this system of reporting was designed to better reflect mastery of the concepts that are tested. It may take some time for students, parents, and teachers to get used to the new way.