Saturday, January 11, 2003


While teachers in the CMSD continue to experience frustrations with the conditions of their jobs, including a glacially-paced grievance system, Decolibus and cronies at the CTU spend their time on "social issues". When election time again looms close, ask yourself:

  • Have I received fair value for the money I spend each month on union dues?
  • Does the contract address the issues I care most about? Such as specifically stating that administration must discuss issues with teachers away from the students, and not right in front of them? Such unprofessional behavior is common throughout the district.
  • Is my union chair doing his/her job? Are grievances promptly addressed? Is he/she informing elementary principals that the teacher's lunch period may not be taken up with escorting students back and forth from the lunchroom?
  • Do I agree with the political positions taken by the union? Am I aware that some of the money coming out of my pay goes to lobby on those issues?
  • Have I communicated to the leadership the importance I place on various topics? Rank order how important each are to you: higher pay, higher starting salary, fairly balanced teaching schedules, a safe and contaminant-free environment, administrative control of the halls. Add your own to the list.