Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Open Positions

As of Monday, there were quite a few open positions in the Cleveland Municipal School system, mostly in SED (Severe Emotional Disturbed), with a handful in math and science. If you check the official site of the system, you will not find any of these jobs listed.

This is in line with a report that I recently found that shows the difficulty that Cleveland schools have in getting highly qualified teachers in certain areas (special ed, math, science) is common to many urban systems, and is directly traceable to policies they have adopted that discourage potential teachers from signing a contract.

This report is not a deep, dark secret. There's a copy of Education Week, with a reference to this report, sitting in the magazine rack at the board, in the Human Resources lobby. It's addressed to Carol Hauser, an HR employee.

This year, the difficulty with getting teachers in place seemed to be related to delays in moving the transferred teachers to new positions. The spring "Meet & Greet" was cancelled, and didn't take place until late August. Is it any wonder that open positions still exist?

Furthermore, the hiring freeze applied to ALL teacher openings, including Special Ed. What chucklehead thought that idea up? I want a name! I can understand a hiring hold on many positions. After all, to need to hire a few K-8 or Social Studies teachers at the last minute is a bit of work, but clearly an impossible task. The same cannot be said for SED teachers. Wake up, people! SED is affected by SEVERE shortages, and you need to move fast to get a chance at the available applicants.


Apparently, there are NO open positions in science. Anyone have any information to contradict this? Contact me at my email