Friday, February 27, 2004


A boondoggle is defined as "An unnecessary or wasteful project or activity", according the the dictionary. I think that's an accurate description of the suggested party and bulldozer Jan Brundage wants to give Richard Decolibus, retiring president of the Cleveland Teachers Union (also known as Sir Comb-Over).

According to his own newsletter:

Ron Marec, retiring OFT President, was given a two-year old Buick as a retirement present and since I was President of the largest teacher union in the state for sixteen years, I ought to get at least what he got. I could care less what Ron Marec got, so we negotiated down and I said, “Look, if you really want to get me something useful, get me a small bulldozer for the farm so I can clear some of my fields off”

So glad that he was willing to "negotiate down". But, I guess that's what leading the CTU to record layoffs and the worst working conditions in many years has taught him - don't take the first offer, but keep negotiating.

But there is a sunny side to the soon-to-be exit of Sir C-O. At least we'll no longer be the recipients of the Blue Letters of Fluff - periodic PR that fairly shout


Sir C-O's most recent 3 missives are cultured pearls of wisdom - and recycled jokes. Just don't look for any serious discussion about the state of the union, or the financial picture that will affect the rest of the membership after he leaves. He airily alludes to the contract extension

B3 did agree to extend the contract another year. This makes life easier on everyone. A year of stability is a year of stability; one year at a time. The focus now is on the November levy because there will be across-the-board, full-blown contract negotiations next year, and without that levy passing, they have nothing to give except a “Thanks for the wonderful job.” Money would be better, but they can’t give you what they don’t have. Even worse, health care is going to be a monster issue. Choose your next President very, very carefully.

As opposed to the way YOU were chosen, I presume? Frankly, I don't see how this contract benefits anyone except the current president, who can slide out of town with his goodie bag intact., before the house of cards tumbles down.

For example, I've heard no serious discussion of the effect a 4-day week will have on paid holidays. Only an incompetent administration would fail to notice that making Monday the day that is eliminated would save money on paying for Monday holidays. And I don't think teachers can hope for that level of incompetency. So, in actual fact, teachers may lose under that proposal.

One major problem in the current teachers' contract, is that there is STILL no penalty for the district employing subs in positions for extended lengths of time. Open positions have been known to exist for YEARS, with no attempt to hire a certified/licensed teacher.